Welcome to Jewel Tones Beauty. I’m so excited to share with you all the tips, tricks and latest trends and launches for women with deeper skin tones and textured hair all in an editorial, aspirational and luxurious space. I have been in the beauty industry for 14 years experience as a beauty journalist writing for magazines such as Vogue, Sunday Times Style, Daily Mail and was a Marie Claire columnist. I created Jewel Tones Beauty to celebrate and shine a light on the best products and techniques for women with deeper skin tones, so my young twin daughters never feel what I felt growing up. I often felt excluded, unpretty, with few beauty icons reflected in the media. Seeing is believing and things are getting better. As a beauty mad teen, I was often told in beauty halls, “I’m sorry there is nothing here for you”, which stung. Today things are better but like many women with darker skin tones, I still haven’t found my perfect foundation and I still get disappointed when I go to launches and there is no shades deep enough for me and I’m told the reason is everything from because the colours won’t sell in the UK to there’s not enough shelf space. Ridiculous.

Jewel Tones Beauty was born out of my need to source information on how to deal with my mixed daughters ringlet like curls. Growing up with 4C “Grace Jones” tightly coiled hair, I had no idea how to nurture and care for their curls. Hours trawling the internet, learning lots from ladies in their bathrooms but feeling like I was trying to tap into some underground Mason like society with it’s own language like the LOC system, Team Natural, Transitioning hair etc I saw there was a massive need for an editorial space talking to women like me who love our glossy magazines and beauty websites but are fed up of having our hair care concerns, skincare needs and make up looks consigned to a tagged on paragraph or a few lines at the end of a beauty feature. Jewel Tones Beauty is for you! This is your space and please email me with your questions and what you would like to see here and I will ask the very best experts and specialists in the beauty industry and share it here for you.