The other week I hit up one of my favourite brands Chanel to check out their Spring colours in their fabulous Coco Cafe. Seriously, if the cafe wasn’t just for a launch but open everyday, leagues of women would grab a cappuccino and a slick of lipgloss on the way to work. Let’s make this real people.

You may have read my piece on Chanel’s last foundation offering CHANEL SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT FOUNDATION, check out the article here and how disappointed I was by the fact that the darkest colour was a beige that would just about colour match Tilda Swinton in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.

That’s why I gasped out loud and was really happy to see last week that Chanel are finally listening and have brought out the new Chanel Le Teint Ultra Tenue foundation in 152 Chocolat – the darkest shade out of the range which has 16 shades. This fluid foundation has a semi-matte finish. The absorbent powders and zinc help to keep shine at bay, with a second skin finish. The colour is a tad orange for my taste and I personally love a dewy finish but baby steps…

Just to have a new Chanel foundation in a colour that remotely is a colour match for my skin must have been what it felt like to eat a Big Mac and fries in the Red Square in Moscow in 1989, after the fall of communism.

Bewildering and thrilling all at once, with the next step to discover whole foods and Kale chips. Well done for listening Chanel and please keep pushing to have a wider palette for darker skin tones and I look forward to the day where even discussing the lack of diversity in the beauty industry will seem crazy and my daughters and future grandkids will be confused and surprised, just like we are now at the thought that once upon a time black folks had to sit at the back of the bus. Let’s make sure the beauty bus has seating for all.

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