Aveda’s Master Director Subrina Kidd, www.avedainstitute.co.uk is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural textured hair. When it came to my mini big chop, it was Subrina I trusted to cut the shape back into my hair I had spent 10 months growing out. She also taught me how to do twist out as well as being great with relaxed hair and power blowdries. Please check out this first film in a series with Subrina, where she goes back to basics. I think we have all been brought up with lots of bad habits when it comes to washing textured hair and I’ve been in very smart central London salons where people at the backwash have still scratched and filleted my scalp with their nails in the bid to get rid of “build up”. Nooooo! Check out this film on how to wash your hair and help with your scalp health.

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