In the past if you were to say yoga to me, I would say no thanks. All that downward dog and making your mind still just wasn’t for me. Recently, I went to visit Nahid de Belgeonne, founder of Good Vibes Fitness and yoga expert who introduced me to restorative yoga, which left me feeling rather emotional and centred. Nadid put me in a series of poses, which felt gentle, nurturing and calming and left me feeling great. Don’t get me wrong I still do love a good boxing session but after a busy week I can see how it would be also good medicine for the soul to add some restorative yoga to the mix. Check out the film above and look out for the next one in there Good Vibes series and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Bring some calm and zen into your daily routine with Nahid’s guided meditation Yoga Nidra for Calm. £5 for 14 mins

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