I was approached by Astral to talk about some of my top tips in how to use the iconic moisturiser. It’s been a staple for many people, especially in black homes, as many people grew up watching their grandmas (it launched in the 1953) and mums slather on this thick moisturiser. It’s also loved by legends like Twiggy and Joanna Lumley and quite frankly anything the Lumley does I’m down for. I filmed her with my production company, for an awards ceremony she was hosting and she was so warm, friendly and I could see close up her skin was AMAZING.

At £7.99 for 500ml, the price point makes it totally accessible which is great and has been trusted and used for generations. Darker skin tones can be very thirsty and dehydrated. I literally can’t imagine having a shower or bath without slathering myself in oils or a rich body cream. I remember the first time I stayed with my boyfriend at 19, who is now my husband, I asked where all his body creams and moisturisers were, when he said he had none I was stunned as I couldn’t live without them!

Growing up in a Caribbean home, I think it was against the law not to smother yourself in Cocoa Butter, which is why Astral’s new Cocoa Butter is exciting and nostalgic. Like the original it’s laced with Lanolin, naturally hypoallergenic and easily absorbed into the skin. It  also contains Glycerine, which naturally attracts water and is great at helping to plump up the skin.

My Top Tips for Using Astral


As well as using Astral as a traditional face cream and body cream, you can  use Astral as the creamy part of your double cleanse. Use an oil based product first, wash off and then massage Astral into the skin for a deep lymphatic drainage and to help boost radiance. Use a soft cotton flannel steeped in warm water (I like to add a couple of drops of lavender oil to a bowl of water to relax and it’s also healing for the skin) before removing.


My feet can get Sahara dry and cracked up. When I want to take care of myself and give myself a treatment I also do this trick. After exfoliating your feet with a scrub or pumice foot file or both in my case…. slather on Astral, wrap from feet in cling film, and then put on some cotton or cashmere socks. You can sleep in them or if that’s too sticky for you, watch a movie, remove the cling film, either tissue off or massage in for soft baby feet.

This is a sponsored post by Astral Original.

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