I created Jewel Tones Beauty for my daughters, so one day when they’re teenagers and young woman they will never feel the way I felt. When I walked into a beauty hall I felt unrepresented and neglected. I want to invoke change in the beauty industry, so there is choice and a celebration of darker skin tones and not just token products and services. I don’t want to feel like I’m diverse, like I’m other and a strange category  – I’m here, I’m normal, I’m relevant, I’m empowered and I demand to be catered to with respect and creativity. I want that for my daughters and for you.

I grew up ashamed and estranged from my hair and I don’t want that for them. No. Not on my watch. Mama’s gonna make a change. This site is to enable woman around the world to feel beautiful, empowered, playful, creative, balanced, peaceful and full of positivity through the amazing medium of beauty.

I welcome your views, experiences and interaction.

Ateh x

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