The sun is shining and I want to feel a bit brighter and that means some hair colour. I’ve been chemical free for a couple of years but when growing out my TWA I was getting a bit bored and wanted something fun. You all know I love Aveda and they understand curls and textured hair. I headed to the Aveda Institute in High Holborn for half a head of highlights and some hand applied and scattered colour towards the back, creating a halo effect. I’m super natural so I just wanted a small lift like a bit of blusher for my hair. My hair colour was lifted using the Aveda Full Spectrum Colour Deep, a system designed especially for dark hair. Anyone with dark hair knows it’s hard to lift as most colour doesn’t show up unless you use high levels of peroxide that can leave your curl pattern kaput. Thankfully my curls haven’t taken a hit. I was super scared it would make my 4c hair random but it’s literally sprung back. I’ve had a couple of hair that couldn’t take the chemical hit and have gone straight but it’s all good.

When choosing my hair colour I was inspired by one of my favourite lipsticks by MAC, Black Current, a juicy sheer and bailable blackberry/blackcurrent shade that pops against my golden and red undertones. I prefer cooler make up and clothing tones on my skin. Warm golds and oranges just get lost in my skin and offer no definition and contrast. Contrast is key with colour and a cool tones makes my skin pop like a light bulb has been turned on inside my skin. Alternatively, if you had cool blue/red undertones a warmer shade would have a dramatic effect while this black currant shade would look natural.


If you don’t bring colour references…..my violet blackcurrant….versus your colourist vision of violet purple

Here I am wearing MAC’s Black current with my toner on. I feel like a superhero. When going for colour, it’s always a good idea to bring colour references with you as my idea of violet/black current can be shades away from your colourist idea- so take a lipstick or pinterest board to explain your ideas. I love the idea of using a lipstick as your colourist can actually see the colour on your skin and the density of colour and pigment you want.



Here I am after the toner had been rinsed off. It’s subtle sheen and pop of colour that just lifts my skin tone.

Have fun in the sun with a fresh new colour and enjoy!


Aveda Full Spectrum Colour Deep Hair Colour Service 



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