I’m such a nude girl at heart like many the thought of a red lipstick leaves me feeling “oh that’s not for me”. However, I love the power of the red lip, which I always equated with womanly grown up beauty. I love old Hollywood and when I think of a red lipstick I think of women such as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Vivien Leigh and of course Marilyn Monroe. All women who embraced their femininity and sexual power and who if alive today, probably wouldn’t be caught dead in Topshop trying to squeeze into something designed for a 13 year old tween. I chatted with the fabulous Poppy King about how to find the elusive perfect red, especially for darker skin tones. I love Poppy and have known her all my beauty life of 15 years. Poppy at the age of 18 went one set further than most in her hunt for the perfect lipstick, when she created her own and started her beauty empire. Here, Poppy shows me how to choose the perfect red. Enjoy!











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