Anyone who knows me, knows I lovvvvveeeeee blush. As a child I smeared 2 red blobs of a brick shade on my cheeks and my love affair began. I remember my mum telling me I looked like BOBO the clown, which slightly traumatised me and it took another 10 years in my teens to try wearing blush again. I’m so glad I did because the right blush on darker skin tones looks like you switched on the lights under your skin adding radiance and a luminosity, which is amazing.

Many women with darker skin tones fear blush because of they feel like BOBO the clown as many women have said to be, “black girls don’t blush”. However, I  would say healthy skin is glowing skin and that goes for all skin tones. 80s brick reds and Grace Jones go faster strips (check out ‘A View to a Kill’, it was on over Easter and I couldn’t take my eyes off of Ms Jones, the natural hair, leotard and make up was too much and too fabulous) are great but for a modern subtle everyday look try a palette of pinks, plums and fig. Here, Ruby a fellow blush lover shows the perfect placement and a couple of my favourite products

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lipgloss

By Terry Baume de Rose in Fig Fiction

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