I had so much fun chatting to naughty James Read, www.jamesreadtan.com he’s warm, talented and a lovely human being. He’s worked with  A-listers such as Mariah Carey, Rosie Huntington- Whiteley and Lady Gaga. Here, we talk about one of the beauty industry’s biggest secrets fake tan for darker skin tones. Ever wondered how models and stars like Chanel Iman get buttery simmering juicy skin…..it’s fake tan baby.




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  • missskyhighflyhigh

    Hi Jewel, Is self tanning any good for hiding imperfections on the face, I’ve got brown, mixed race skin?

    • Atehjewel

      Hi! Thanks for the question! I think self tan will definitely give you a glow. If you want to cover any imperfections you can also try covering them with concealer. Bobbi Brown, Becca and Nars all have great colours you can try. The Body Shop have also just launched some more mid prices foundations in great honey tones shades, which would look great on your skin. My 4 year daughters are mixed as well- too young for make up but their skin tone is delicious like yours I bet!