Recently some kind mamas at the school gate told me my skin was looking on point. I’ve literally been exhausted working hard, juggling the girls with also painting my new house. My new glow wasn’t by chance like all good things worth having I’ve worked for it these past few weeks as my skin had hit a wall for the first time ever with dullness and breakouts. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends renovating my new house, doing the school run and working full time has meant more days waking up bemused and baffled, that me shutting my eyes for a minute at 9pm while watching Game of Thrones re runs has ended up with me face down on my sofa at 5am with a full face of make up on. Sleeping in your make up is not just gross but a cardinal beauty sin that I have committed perhaps 4 times (pre kids) in my life. I remember each incident (with deep shame) and it involved dancing on a podium, vodka cranberry redbulls (it was the 90s people) and I can’t remember much more after that to be honest…good times. Post kids all bets are off. My skin has always been my thing, well behaved and juicy. However, the older you get the less you can take the piss with your health and skin. This I have learnt the hard way. I’ve been determined to be more respectful and get my skin back.

As a mum it’s so easy to put yourself last and do everything like loading the dishwasher and washing machine ahead of yourself and your nightly skincare regime. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been on a mission not to do my new negative nightly routine of crashing and collapsing in front of the TV. Instead I have put my skin back on the agenda and not taken it for granted.

Here’s my skin with no make up and no filter after a couple of weeks of my glow skincare regime. 

A good bra is the corner stone of a great looking outfit, it lifts and gives structure and cleansing is the foundation of good skin. When it comes to cleansing, don’t even get me started on facial wipes. Please don’t use them. Would you use a facial wipe to wash your body or dishes? Honestly, you have a dirty dish and you wipe it down with a cleansing wipe, would you be happy to eat off of that after, really? Sorry, thats not clean! Everyone is time poor so night when the kids have gone and the phone has stopped ringing is a great time for a deep ritualistic cleanse. To help me unwind I love using Elemis Pro- Collagen Cleansing Balm, £40,, which smells heavenly with starflower, elderberry and mimosa waxes, the balmy texture is great to massage the skin to help plump and get the lymphatic system going.  I then wash it off with Aurelia’s Monday to Sunday Bamboo muslins, £18, Genius. You can pop one for everyday of the week, instead of hunting around for fresh muslin cloths. My skin can be quite sensitive and I’m heavy handed and most muslins can leave my skin feeling and looking a bit inflamed and scratched up. These are super soft as they’re 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton and leave the skin polished and buffed without irritation.

To some exfoliation is a dirty word but it’s really the basis to glowing skin. Gentle exfoliation is the key. I think the big difference to my skin, which has helped get my glow back is Alpha H’s Liquid Gold, £33.50, They’re also have just launched an even gentler version Liquid Gold Rose you can use every night. I use the original a couple of times a week and it’s like turning the lights on in your face. This is Glycolic Acid for people like me who are a bit scaredy cat about acid toners. Great for brightening, firming and open pores this has really helped repair and get my skin back. Lastly, for moisture to keep my skin juicy I use Estee Lauder’s cult Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II, from £52 for 30 ml, chased with Neal’s Yards Organic Argan Oil, £17.50,, a couple of drops of this skin loving oil packed with vitamin E, squalene and fatty acids absorbs really well into my dehydrated combination skin and helps to keep my skin feeling soft and supple. This month I’m turning 39, getting older is a privilege and an honour so I try and not get too hung up on the new lines and pigmentation staring back at me in the mirror. I have always looked after my skin like a nerdy prefect at school with a pet science project but I was also blessed that I could splash my face with some water, shake off only having 3 hours sleep and still look glowing. Those days are long gone and this year has been the year of learning to love maintenance. Not only in my food choices but just everyday, giving myself a break and looking after myself without being super extreme. As an all or nothing person, I think balance whether it’s in your skin, body, mind or spirit comes from little and often. This is a totally new phenomena for me and as I try and pack in as much as possible into my days, I am also have a new mantra of little and often and love yourself.

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