Vicki Edgson is a renown Nutritionist, author and broadcaster, She talks to Jewel Tones Beauty about how to beat your sugar addiction, help prevent hair breakage and how to start a healthy weight loss regime. 


What advice would you give for sugar addicts like me to stop cravings and what healthy alternatives can you suggest when it’s 4pm and chocolate time!

Take Chromium Picolinate supplements,, with breakfast and lunch to help smooth out the rocky hill of blood sugar rises and falls.  Add cinnamon to your coffee or tea that helps to regulate insulin release from the pancreas and choose a crispy apple that help to reduce cravings, as well as removing toxins at that ungodly 4:00pm slot!

Are there any foods or advice you can suggest to help people manage their daily stress?

Foods that are rich in magnesium (dark greens like kale and watercress in a smoothie or juice) and B vitamins found in whole grains such as pumpernickel bread, buckwheat blinis or gluten-free oats will help to manage stress levels, and ensure adrenal support.  I always say “keep it lean, green and mean’ – you often only need a snack rather than a whole meal, which can be a stress in itself.  My favourite snack ball is Spirulina and Ginseng by Bounce, – does the trick every time.

What foods should women eat for hair loss and breakage, which is very common with Indian and Afro textured hair respectively.

Foods that are rich in Biotin helps with hair breakage. Choose almonds, sweet potatoes, oats, eggs and onions are all rich sources of this vital nutrient.  Don’t overcook with any of them to derive the best possible nutrient content.

What foods do you have for women to re-energise themselves and beat the change of the season blues

Foods that are energising and help to beat the blues include the really dense whole grains such as brown and wild rice, popcorn, (home-made with cinnamon and nutmeg for natural sweetness), oats in porridge, oat cakes or muesli, buckwheat noodles or quinoa, which is actually a seed and not a grain, so has plenty of protein to prolong the release of energy from the meal. Tuck in and enjoy with plenty of stir-fried vegetables and fish or shellfish for the omega nutrients to feed the brain.

What advice do you have for women who want to start a healthy weight loss regime and lifestyle change?

This is simpler than it seems – eat only Real Food as you would find in nature, and not in a packet! Choose a rainbow on your plate every day – mix and match your fruits and vegetables to suit the seasons, and don’t be tempted by exotic fruits unless they are indigenous to where you were born.  Choose lean protein with every meal:  meat, poultry, eggs, and fish.  Poach or steam your fish, rather than frying it, and drink the steaming water, or serve it with your meal, rather than throwing it away – all the nutrients are in that steaming juice!!  Don’t snack between meals – we’ve all got used to endless snacking, which isn’t necessary.  MOVE your body – dance, hop, skip, run, walk – whatever you love, just do it…… every day!


I’ve just discovered I’m gluten intolerant, which has been life changing. My face no longer looks like a chipmunk! What damage does gluten do for those intolerant and what changes/ tips do you suggest for a varied gluten free life and diet?

IMG_4889My gluten face: Before and After 

Gluten free is far easier now than it used to be, and the largest selection can be found at M & S stores country-wide. Gluten is like wallpaper paste to the intestines of any anyone who has a sensitivity, causing pain, bloating and wind. I usually recommend a completely grain-free diet to anyone who discovers they are sensitive for between 4-5 weeks to allow the inflammation to settle down, before trying alternative grains such as amaranth, spelt, buckwheat.  Look online for the plethora of gluten-free recipes now available, such as, a superb blogger who will inspire all with her recipes.



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