Sugar used to be a friend of mine. It was there for me when I was happy, sad, celebrating, joyful and mournful. Sugar was my pal, my buddy, my comfort and my happy place. However, this relationship has literally turned toxic. I want to see my grandkids and twerk at my daughters’ wedding, so this is where we part.

It’s been 9 days of no cakes, ice cream, chocolate and the other sugary treats which littered my days. In the past I have had shakes, headaches and a gnawing pain that screamed to be eased by my drug of choice. However, I know this is my last chance saloon and I need to bring it hard and change my life. I’ve lost 3kg in this time, which is mind boggling. I don’t think I ever really made the connection between what I put in my mouth and the size of my ass. I bit like when I got pregnant it was a shock that that’s how babies are actually made.


Sugar is highly addictive and large amounts release dopamine in the brain. When you take cocaine the drug floods the brain with dopamine and like sugar you can become addicted to the sensation of pleasure. Sugar addiction. 

I reach for sugar the way an alcoholic reaches for a drink. Sugar is all around me all the time. You can avoid bars and situations you know booze will be flowing but sugary food is everywhere singing her siren song. The difference this time is that a line has been drawn in the sand mentally and I’m replacing the comfort sugar gave me with dancing, exercise, talking and nature. It sounds crazy but you need to find the diet coke to the coke – the methadone to the heroin- in order to gradually ease sugar out of your life.

Culturally my father is Nigerian and my mother is Trinidadian- food is love and that’s dangerous. Sugar and food from a young age were seen as a reward. With my kids I’m now trying to break the chain and connection and instead to reward them with stickers and compliments, as food is just food or fuel and nothing else.

When emotions are attached to food it’s when things can get sketchy. I was always amazed how some people can eat half a chocolate bar, then wrap it up and put it back in the fridge, because their appetite had been feed rather than their souls. Its a feat I could never achieve, so I’m now going to stop buying the bars in the first place.

I’ve decided to choose life, to choose my family, to choose health and vitality and I’m trying. Here’s some tips to help you kick sugar’s ass.


Tips on how to beat your Sugar Addiction 

Love yourself. Tell yourself you are worth it. You deserve to be happy and healthy

Drink plenty of water to flash toxins and rehydrate your body

Drink cinnamon tea to help regulate your blood sugar

Be prepared. If you reach for a chocolate at 4pm, be armed with some almonds and healthy snacks instead.

When you see cakes, chocolates and sugary food tell yourself this is leading you down a path of ill health and that you choose a healthier path.

Change your thinking, you are not denying yourself, you are giving and enriching your body and life for the good and forever.

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